Communities in disasters

At Public Safety Training and Response Group we believe in realistic expectations. In the interconnected world we now live in, many in the community have an unreal expectation that in an emergency local response teams will be available to assist. Statistics show this is not the case with most of the support (80+%) coming from the community itself. Therefore, the best line of defence is to be prepared yourself, so you can help yourself and those around you.

When disasters strike, whole communities are affected. Major sections may be wiped out completely, leaving those affected to pick up the pieces. Community engagement means preparing the community to be resilient using all available resources and being self-sufficient as much as possible. Disaster risk reduction is too critical to be left only to the experts. It must start in our homes, schools, communities and businesses. We are here to provide the community with a range of tools and resources which can be used in developing community resilience.


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