The Public Safety Training and Response Group is a trusted partner of industry and government for high-quality education and training in public safety and disaster response.

Our experience means we understand how disasters can impact people, communities and businesses. Our approach to education is based on our knowledge of what to expect in an emergency, including what to do and importantly what not to do.

Public Safety Training and Response Group is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO No. 45395). Our RTO offers single unit courses through to Certificate Ill and IV level qualifications.

These Certificate courses provide the foundations to progress to Diploma and degree-based qualifications if students choose to do so. The vast range of elective units enables students to mix and match units of competency based on their job needs.

Australia’s education system and standards are internationally recognised and respected. Public Safety Training and Response Group works to Australia’s high educational standards set by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

The mission of our RTO is to provide future public safety professionals around the globe with the knowledge and expertise required to competently and confidently progress into further specialised roles and opportunities. We also own and operate Special Mission Helicopters Pty Ltd (AOC 840887).

In addition to the accredited training delivered by our RTO, the Public Safety Training and Response Group provides other non-accredited skills and task-based training to Australian students and international students. Refresher training and specific skills-based training is critical for many professionals and volunteers wishing to maintain high public safety and emergency response standards in the field. We also offer training which meets the strict requirements of Australian regulators, such as the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requirements for drone operators.

Australia’s disaster response systems, training skills and capabilities are sought after internationally, and the Public Safety Training and Response Group is proud to provide these skills and opportunities to our students.