Get the first aid qualifications you need for many jobs, plus gain life-saving skills you can be proud of. Whatever your level of experience, our high-quality, accredited first aid courses will give you the knowledge you need to be prepared when a life threatening emergency happens to someone near you.


Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Save a life! Learn CPR. Every year, over 57,000 Australians suffer a heart attack. Would you know what to do if it happens to someone near you? With proper training in how to respond to an emergency situation, you can make a difference and save a life.

This high-quality course can be completed in less than a day. Knowing how to perform CPR is a requirement for many jobs and is a foundation of workplace health and safety. It is also a personal accomplishment that will give you the skills to help make a difference when it matters the most.

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Provide basic emergency
life support

Take the next step: respond to life threatening emergencies. Do you have what it takes to manage a life threatening incident in those crucial moments until professional emergency services arrive at the scene?

In line with Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) guidelines, this high-quality course will teach you how to recognise a life threatening emergency, how to provide appropriate first aid and life support, and how to manage the situation including any casualties and other first aiders until professional help arrives.

Group first aid training


Provide First Aid

Manage dozens of first aid emergencies with confidence. This is the generalist first aid course that many employers in Australia require. If you employer asks if you have your first aid certificate, they are probably referring to this course. It was previously known as Senior First Aid or Level 2 First Aid.

This high-quality course teaches you the latest thinking in applying first aid skills to dozens of common illnesses and conditions such as bleeding, burns, fractures, asthma, choking, bites from snakes and spiders, and much more.

First aid training for groups


Provide First Aid in remote
or isolated site

First aid when help is far away. Aussies love outback Australia, yet if an emergency occurs in the great outdoors, professional help could be a long way away.

There are extra challenges in a first aid situation when your workplace is remote or isolated or you work in outdoor recreation like bushwalking and kayaking. Learn how to manage an aero-medical evacuation, use different communications equipment and consider the impacts of various terrain like desert, alpine, marine or tropical environments.


Provide Advanced First Aid

Learn more advanced first aid. This is the advanced first aid course that some employers in Australia require. It covers a greater number of medical conditions and illnesses.

This high-quality course teaches you the latest thinking in applying first aid skills to many more complex illnesses and conditions such as allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, tourniquets, emergency childbirth, crush injuries, treating the misuse of substances including alcohol and illicit drugs, exposure to extreme temperatures, and much more.

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Manage First Aid services
and resources

Take charge: manage first aid in your workplace. Have you been nominated for an occupational first aid or management role at work? Learn how to establish, maintain and facilitate the provision of appropriate first aid in your organisation.

Manage your responsibilities with confidence. This high-quality course will train you how to determine appropriate first aid resources in line with safe work practices, inspect and restock first aid kits, and maintain a first aid action plan in your workplace, and more.


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