Search and rescue can be challenging in Australia. Prepare for the elements, keep safe, and be an effective member of a team when helping to save lives. Whether it’s a search from the air or a rescue from fast moving floodwater, you’ll be ready to help your fellow Australians in need, with our high-quality, accredited public safety courses.


Perform land based swiftwater and floodwater rescue and recovery

Conduct Land Based Water Rescue’s. Learn how to perform land-based rescues and recoveries from flooding and fast moving water, as part of a specialist search and rescue team.

Floods, natural disasters and accidents on the water are sadly all too common in Australia. Whether you are a paid or volunteer search and rescue professional, or working in a water-based industry, this high-quality course will prepare you to save lives in the event of a land-based water rescue.


Undertake swiftwater and floodwater rescue and recovery

Leadership in water rescue. Learn how to undertake rescues and recoveries in flooding and fast moving water, generally as part of a rescue team. This course covers a wider range of rescue techniques that may be deployed from land or by entering the water.

You will learn the hierarchy of controls for Flood and Fast Moving water to ensure rescues are conducted with the highest safety controls in place

This course is for skilled operators; you are required to have previously completed PUASAR001 – Perform land based swiftwater and floodwater rescue and recovery.


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