Pack your ‘Go Bag’ in case of an emergency

An emergency bag, often referred to as a “go bag” is a crucial item to have in case of unexpected emergencies or disasters.

Australia has always been the land of drought and flooding plains and as a result it is important we are prepared for disasters when they occur. Part if this is having an emergency bag. Ideally, your bag should be water-proof just encase you come face-to-face with a water inundation.

Its purpose is to provide you with essential supplies to survive for at least 72 hours in challenging conditions that may include no power, internet connection, or access to services. Remember if you have a family you will need more than one bag.

Importantly, practice your evacuation. A practice will enable you to make sure all family members know what to do and what they are capable of carrying in an emergency, including the emergency bag or bags as well as ensuring pets and other lives can be protected. This is particularly important if you have elderly or young people in your care.

It is also important to periodically check and update the contents to ensure everything remains in good condition and within its expiration date. Additionally, consider the specific risks and climate of your region when packing your emergency bag. We also emphasis know your evacuation route – the route you take on a daily basis may not be the safest in an emergency. Listen to your local authorities to ensure your planned route is still safe.

Remember our “What to pack in your emergency bag ‘go bag” is a reference guide only, and individuals should do their own research and pack their go bag according to their individual circumstances.

Emergency Go Bag

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