Swiftwater & Flood Rescue Technician Advanced

COST: Upon Application

Advance your skills in swiftwater and flood rescue. Take your skills beyond self-rescue to concentrate on victim rescue where you will be exposed to more complex water rescue situations including a mock night river rescue scenario.

This is a 24-hour course over three days, including 4-6 house of classroom, instruction, followed by two and one-half days of hands-on skill development. 

In this course, participants are introduced to the role and utilization of various skills in river and flood rescue, including:

  • rope systems
  • management of litter & patient raising systems
  • highline systems
  • advanced river search concepts
  • performing rescues at night or in low visibility
  • and basic flood disaster management

This course is for those aged 18 and above who are required to have already completed Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician (SRT), and Rope Rescue Operator (RRO) or Technical Rope Rescue Technician Level (TRRTL).


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