Drone licences can open multiple doors for innovative careers

The drone industry is continually evolving, and there are innovative careers for CASA approved commercial drone pilots in Australia and around the world. The first step in your drone career is gaining your Remote Pilots Licence (RePL) and this can be done right here at Public Safety Training & Response Group.

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Some of the most innovative career options for drone pilots include:

• Emergency Response and Search and Rescue: Drones are increasingly used in emergency response situations, including search and rescue missions. Equipped with thermal cameras, drones can locate missing persons or assess dangerous areas during natural disasters or accidents, aiding emergency responders in their efforts.

• Aerial Cinematography: Aerial cinematographers use drones to capture breathtaking aerial footage for films, documentaries, commercials, and other visual media. They combine flying skills with artistic vision to capture unique perspectives and create stunning visuals.

• Industrial Inspector: Drone pilots are employed in industries such as construction, energy, and infrastructure to inspect and monitor assets such as buildings, power lines, pipelines, wind turbines, and bridges. Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras or thermal imaging sensors can capture detailed imagery and data, facilitating efficient and cost-effective inspections.

• Environmental and Wildlife Conservationist: Drones play a vital role in environmental conservation by assisting in wildlife tracking, habitat mapping, and anti-poaching efforts. Drone pilots can monitor animal populations, collect data on ecosystems, and support conservation initiatives by providing aerial surveillance and monitoring capabilities.

CASA approved Drone Courses

• Agricultural Drone Operator: Agricultural drone pilots assist farmers by using drones to monitor crops, assess soil conditions, and identify areas of disease or stress. By collecting aerial data and imagery, farmers can make informed decisions regarding irrigation, fertilizer application, and pest control, leading to more efficient and sustainable farming practices.

• Drone Delivery Pilot: As the concept of drone delivery gains momentum, drone pilots are being employed to transport packages and goods in urban areas. These pilots are responsible for safely navigating drones through busy airspace and delivering packages to designated locations.

• Surveying and Mapping Specialist: Drone pilots equipped with specialised sensors and software can generate accurate 3D maps, topographic surveys, and aerial imagery for construction, urban planning, and land surveying purposes. They can quickly collect data over large areas, reducing the time and costs associated with traditional surveying methods.

• Media and Event Coverage: Drone pilots are hired by media companies and event organisers to capture aerial footage and provide live coverage of events such as sports competitions, concerts, and festivals. These pilots help create dynamic and engaging visual content for broadcast or online streaming platforms.

• Drone Educator and Trainer: With the increasing popularity of drones, there is a demand for experienced pilots to educate and train others in safe and responsible drone operation. Drone educators conduct training programs, workshops, and seminars to teach individuals how to fly drones and adhere to regulations.

Public Safety Training & Response Group Chief Remote Pilot Guy Birchall said, ‘The career options for commercial drone pilots are exciting. We offer a comprehensive range of training options that will provide graduating students with the skills they need to be successful in a variety of industries.’

‘Our students are trained by experts who have extensive industry experience, as well as providing access to the most innovative learning facility and equipment. This provides an excellent learning environment and leads to graduates ready to hit the ground running,’ Guy added.

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