Cyber safe drone fleet ready for deployment

Cyber security is the new battlefield with several foreign actors at the centre of global discussion and concern when it comes to sovereign threats. As a result, the Defence Innovation Unit in the United States has developed the Blue Unmanned Aerial System Project.

The Blue UAS effort is a comprehensive and ongoing method for the Department of Defence to quickly evaluate and scale commercial unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology. In addition to evaluating supply chain security, the Blue UAS program conducts demanding cyber security assessments, ensuring approved drones can protect sensitive military information.

This program consists of integrated lines of effort that curate, maintain, and improve a robust roster of policy approved commercial UAS which suit the diverse needs of DoD users.
Commercial drones are increasingly relied upon to study agricultural yields, construction sites, infrastructure, search and rescue, as well as deliver supplies. These individual operations garner critical data, but if put together could provide an integrated model that could provide hostile parties information that could shut down communities, states, or even nationwide infrastructure.

The Blue UAS Project seeks to leverage advancements in commercial drone technology while ensuring the security and effectiveness of these systems for military applications. It is part of the DoD’s efforts to rapidly adopt emerging technologies for defence purposes. The project ensures information sourced by approved unmanned aerial systems stay in safe hands and is protected from malicious international cyber-attack.

Public Safety Training & Response Group Chief Remote Pilot Guy Birchall says, “Blue UAS products are commercial drones that passed the evaluation of the Defence Innovation Unit (DIU) of the DoD, meaning they are now recommended for use by the US government.”

“The Blue UAS Project allows us to offer an alternative platform for clients that are concerned about data security and want a more secure drone that has been vetted by the US Department of Defence, or even those that want a product that is different to the bigger drone manufacturers.”

Public Safety Training & Response Group use the following USA approved drones:
• Skydio X2E
• Parrot Anafi USA
• Wingtra One Gen II
• Freefly Alta X
• Inspired Flight IF1200TA

Mr Birchall adds, “We have already been approached by government entities for work as these drones are still rare in the Australian market but also make us more accessible and secure within the government sector.”

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