30 by 30 veteran employment goal

veteran employment goalThe Public Safety Training & Response Group is a veteran owned organisation and has a 30 by 30 vision. This means our Company is aiming to have 30 percent of our employees from a veteran background before 2030.

Research shows that for many veterans, finding a job after leaving the military is an important part of their transition to civilian life. The majority of veterans say their military service contributed to giving them the skills and training they needed for a job outside the military.

At Public Safety Training & Response Group we know the organisational and technical skills acquired from military service translate exceptionally well to providing emergency response service and training.

Group Rescue Operator Brendan Parkes said, “I find working with Public Safety Training & Response Group allows me to use a lot of the skills and knowledge from my military background where saving lives is paramount.”

“My physical and technical training allows me to respond to various emergency incidents, including rescues with complete confidence in my ability as an emergency responder. This confidence translates to those we work with knowing we are professional, experienced, and reliable in the duties we perform,” added Brendan.

The Public Safety Training & Response Group 30 by 30 vision has major benefits for the wider community and provides veterans with career pathways after they have completed their service with the Australian Forces.

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Public Safety Training & Response Group is a Registered Training Organisation RTO No 45395.

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